"Being neither particularly dexterous nor patient, I was not very hopeful that I would be able to learn to knit, but thought it might be fun to try.  Tamara is very patient, and seems to believe that anyone can learn to knit, even a left-handed person such as myself.  As a result of her patience and knowledge, I did indeed learn to knit, and have completed several projects of which I am very proud."~~Jodie

"Tamara has taught both knitting and indigo dyeing workshops here at the Charleston Museum for the past couple of years. Her newest offering, the Indigo Dyeing Workshop, has been extremely popular. Tamara’s clear teaching style, helpfulness, knowledge level and friendly personality make for a very fun workshop! She is always organized, ready to share and happy to follow up with questions after the class. Count yourself lucky to learn about the Lowcountry’s favorite natural dye with Tamara."~~Rachel Chesser, PR & Events Coordinator, The Charleston Museum

"I had no idea how to knit and she patiently taught me and two of my daughters.  Even when I had to ask her the same thing over and over again she was very willing to help. She works well with people of all ages and skills."~~Patti

"...Tamara presented material with such ease and humor that she set the tone for the enitre workshop.  Her ideas for activities were inventive and entertaining; they were also astonishingly effective helping her students produce beautiful results.  Tamara has outstanding teaching skills and is constantly engaging her students in the creative process."~~Sonya

"Tamara Goff is a very talented knitting instructor.  I highly recommend her."~~Ann

"I think I was in Tamara's first knitting class - not one she taught, but one she hosted at her house because she wanted to learn to knit. She must have been a better student than me because she went on to be a knitting instructor! I enjoyed learning to knit. I made a scarf in the class at Tamara's house, then went on to make coasters on my own. I would love to knit again. I hope I will again some day, and I know who my instructor will be!"~~Debbie

"It is always a pleasure to knit with Tamara and take her classes!!! She is always prepared, organized and willing to work with you - no matter the skill level! I have enjoyed her classes so much - not just the learning but the fellowship!!!
Keep it up!!"~~Lynn

"While I haven't taken an official class from Tamara, she has helped me quite a bit with some patterns I've made. I've only been knitting (ok I learned way back but hadn't picked up a pair of needles in over 30 years) for the last 5 years. She's been very patient with me, and my frustrations, on something I know ought to be very simple and obvious but for whatever reason I couldn't get to work, and each time explained things in a different way, until I was able to grasp what I needed to do. If I was purchasing yarn a different gauge from the pattern or trying to figure out a  stitch count  or having issues with the pattern she's helped me along, and I live on a different coast from her now, so being there in person can only be better!"~~Libby - now in Seattle

"If have not taken this class [socks workshop] you should. Teacher is great."~~ Arrylee

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  1. I took a beginning knitting class with Tamara late last spring 2012 for my 8 year old son who expressed an interest. While he didn't have the attention span for it, I had no idea how addicted I was about to become. Because of Tamara (and her beautiful Josie), I have fallen in love with the hobby and have found great joy and relaxation while knitting my heart out! My aunt began knitting a few years ago. She says I have quickly by-passed her skills, and I credit that to a fabulous teacher in Tamara! In meeting some other knitters and talking with my aunt I have come to believe that a good teacher makes all the difference in the world of knitting. Thank you for being such a patient, passionate teacher Tamara.