Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Flowertown Knitting Guild

Do I look a little overwhelmed?
Sunday, January 13 was a big day for me.  A dream that had become a goal became a reality.

Twenty (!) knitters showed up (technically one was a crocheter, but she was so nice we let her stay) for the initial organizational meeting of the Flowertown Knitting Guild. I knew this thing would come together one day and I felt sure a couple of people would show up for this meeting and we could grow from there.  I'm OK with starting off small and patiently working to build something. 

What happened Sunday was way beyond what I expected.  The numbers alone staggered me (20!!), so when everyone was:
a) eager
b) supportive
c) offering to help
d) accepting offices
e) taking notes
f) sharing ideas
g) promising to come back

well, let's just call it gobsmacked until we come up with a suitable American word!

Awesome group of knitters, banding together to form a GUILD!

In no time at all we had board members and folks working on membership and website and Ravelry presence and ideas for future meetings.  This amazing group of women knocked my socks off with their willingness and excitement--beyond anything I could have dreamed up.

I can't wait for February!

Happy Face--a guild!!

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Exciting things happen when you knit.

THE sweater.  If I had included his handsome face, there'd be more likes ;)
Sometimes I look at where I am on my knitting journey and wonder how in the world I got there. It seems like just yesterday I was struggling to learn how to hold the needles and yet, here I am, a Certified Instructor, getting comments on Ravelry projects from the designers of the patterns.  Maybe some of you think I was born knitting (hahaha. No.) or that I've always been buddy-buddy with big names in knitting (not even...yet...) but it still makes my day to hear from a designer or knitting book author or knitting world superstar.  Heck, I'm just a simple gal from the Texas suburbs, so I'll always be right tickled when I get to rub elbows with the knitting elite.  OK, truthfully?  I'll always be thrilled to rub elbows with knitters of all makes and models.  I'm just that kinda gal.

Today's big excitement came when I received a nice comment on a project by the designer/book author.  The project, pictured above, is a simple sweater that fits my 12yo quite nicely.   It's not just any project, though, and maybe that's part of the reason I am, as the teens say "smh" (shaking my head) at the connectedness of it all...

**This sweater was my final project for my Instructor's Certification Course, and it was reviewed in person by the late legendary Evie Rosen. She deemed it, "good work," and declared that I passed, while encouraging me to continue teaching. To say I treasure the memory of that conversation is an understatement.

**The designer/book author is Ann Budd, whose book The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns helped me immensely as I knit the sweater and recently as I knit my first pair of mittens.  She also has an awesome website and many more patterns/books available.  I highly recommend her!

**The book came from a dear knitting friend of mine (whom I met at knitting group), who may not have known how much I wanted to own it, but then again, maybe she did :)

My point? Do I need one??

The journey of knitting can take you places you didn't expect and introduce you to people you'd never thought you'd meet. Sure, other hobbies might broaden your world, too, but with knitting you enjoy it more. Why? Because you'll probably be wearing a great scarf that you made with your own two hands.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year!

I've said it before and I'll say it again:

The people I am privileged to meet on my knitting journey are some of the best people on the planet!

As we start a new year filled with new possibilities (and of course, new knitting projects!) I want to express my gratitude for all the lovely folks I get to talk to, teach, work with, knit with, plan with, play with, and learn from in this business.  You inspire, amuse, inform and bless me throughout the year in ways you may never comprehend.  I am honored to know you.

To my students, to the folks at the Charleston Museum, the Village Knittery, LCHEA, the guilds, the readers of the blogs, the followers on Facebook, Twitter, Ravelry, Instagram & Pinterest, to my non-knitting friends who encourage me (and endure me!) and of course to my sweet family who support my passion for teaching people to knit, I say


I am excited about 2013 and all the fun we'll have together.  I couldn't do it without YOU!