Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bean and Bug Babyknits

I have great news for all those who have asked me over the years to knit cute baby things. You know who you are, if my reply to you was, "I will teach you to knit it yourself..." (That offer was 100% serious and still stands, by the way!)

At the North Charleston Arts Festival I met Taryn Weatherholtz of Bean and Bug Babyknits and she would LOVE to make something for you.  Even better, take a look at what she's already knit and see if you don't find something to love in 30 seconds or less.  Cutest. Babyknits. Ever.

Taryn got to sit and knit during the Festival. Lucky!

Cutie booties!

Sweaters, hats, blankies, and more.  All beautifully handknit <3

Friday, May 11, 2012

Thrifty Sister

At the North Charleston Arts Festival I met a very talented designer named Amy Rogers at her booth  ThriftySister.  This inspiring artisan is a teacher by day who has turned her creative energies to taking old stuff and making cool new stuff. Her secret is repurposing thrift store finds like old neckties, wool sweaters and even soda cans into bags, toys, jewelry and more.
I love this!!

Button rings!!!

So cute!

 If you aren't lucky enough to catch her at a craft or arts show, check out her Etsy site.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Arts Festival 2012

A mostly free arts festival is an amazing thing.  It's like a goodwill ambassador for creativity, introducing the community to a whole new world.

I've been coming to the North Charleston Arts Festival for a few years now, and every year it offers a lot of the same things: dance, painting, photography, textiles, jewelry, music, and elephant ears.  Every year is different, though, as individual as the artists and performers who come together to make it a creative mecca.


It's so exciting to me to be able to submerse myself in this melange of creativity for a day.  My short attention span thrives in such an atmosphere.  Outside while munching on super greasy fair food, we caught a few numbers by local favorites the Shrimp City Slim Band.

Then we went inside and Presto! an Art Gallery, with both professional and amateur artists represented. Then we turned a corner and there was more music, and drums waiting to be played.

 Gallery: works by Elena Barna on the wall.
Ready for the next act.

And then we found textiles...
"Handed Down" by Susan Lenz
The gloves all have names embroidered on pretty, so touching. Love it.

"I've often wondered if I was the one who left the door open when Binky flew away."
There were several things by this artist, Ellen Byrd. I love the combination of whimsy, wistfulness, and fiber.  She totally gets it.

Hand knitted by elderly Brits, so help me.
Bell Gauge :)
Teddy bear trousers, in a sea of lovely linens.
I bought a vintage bell gauge, useful for sizing your knitting "pins." This one was made in England and a quick internet search dates it circa 1935.  That's pre-war, people!

There was so much more, including a jaw-dropping selection of vintage clothing for sale, none of which I photographed.  The dealer has an online shop, though, at Ruby Lane.

I'll leave you with a charming collection of buttons and lace, none of which I purchased...this time.
Vintage lace and buttons