Monday, February 24, 2014

Knit Inn 2014

On February 7-9, it was my privilege once again to attend the SC Knitting Guild's annual Knit Inn.  As always there were a lot of laughs, a lot of knitting, and many memories to cherish (or not, depending on your perspective, and if you hear the "cookie tantrum" story, trust me, it's very much exaggerated).

This year I again taught the Vintage Winter Shawl class, which is SO much fun to teach!  There were several finished shawls from last year's class in attendance and the lovely knitters who brought them made me feel like a Rock Star Teacher for sure.

The best part of any Knit Inn weekend for me is connecting with old friends and making new ones, and this year was off the charts fabulous in that department.

Until next year, y'all...keep on knitting!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Simple Knitting Tips: Organize your stitch markers

Every now and then a knitting trick comes my way that it is so clever I wish I had either a) thought of it myself or b) heard about it sooner.

At the Knit Inn this month, someone bought a project bag that had one of these Book Rings on it.  Turned out that one of the uses for it was to keep your stitch markers organized and handy.  GENIUS!  

I've had a couple of these rings in my office supplies for years (no clue where they came from) and I am delighted to be able to tell you that you can actually BUY THESE AMAZING THINGS at your office supply store of choice (Mine is Staples, because EASY button, of course!).

As you can see, they come in massive quantities and since I only need a few to keep my stitch markers ready for action, I've decided to share my largesse with the populace.  So...if you're local (or happen to be in town) and you see me and mention this blog, I will happily give you some of these incredible knitting tools.  Life changing, truly.
2/20/14: Edited to add: The bag was courtesy of my friend Jessica, who was clever enough to buy it and show me the genius ring :)

Reminds me of some winter sports that are happening somewhere...
Organized and Adorable, just like me. (Except better)


Friday, February 14, 2014

Cast On Day: Red Scarf 2014

Today is Valentine's Day.  Like most moms, I spent some time this week planning treats and gifts for Valentines Day for my family.  Then, this morning I had the loveliest thought--because I sent a red scarf to the Red Scarf Project, somewhere today a foster kid in college will have a warm scarf to wear and hopefully, hopefully, feel loved. 

This was such a nice thought to have on a day set aside for love, that I decided to make an Executive Decision...

I declare that today is the official cast-on day for Red Scarf Project 2014!


Presumptuous of me, perhaps, since I am in no way officially affiliated with the Red Scarf Project.  I justify my Executive Decision like this:  if what we need are volunteers to make the scarves, then I just volunteered to get the ball rolling for this year.  And to start making a scarf.

How about you?  Do you have a few minutes each week to devote to a simple scarf, knit or crocheted in a red of any sort, to send to encourage a student next Valentine's Day? If we start today and knit on it throughout the year (or finish it tomorrow, depends on how fast you want to go) then by the fall we will have at least one scarf each to send.  Pretty easy, and very loving.  

Here is a summary of the guidelines to get you started. For complete details, go here.

Make your scarf 5" to 8" wide, and 60" long, suitable for a guy or a gal, in red.  Any type of red will work, including striping in other colors because you didn't buy enough red in one dye lot (don't ask).  Knit it in something soft (I usually use easy-care acrylic and acrylic blends--if you use wool or anything else, you might want to include washing instructions/fiber content). Scarves can be sent in from September 1-December 15.  Any pattern will work, but if you want something easy and adorable (totally prejudiced here), try my Free Brickworks Scarf.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Scenes from last month, plus a change in venue.

I wanted to share some scenes from the January Indigo Dyeing Workshop, held at The Charleston Museum:

Dyers at work

We had 2 big vats this time to accommodate the large group.


A before and after!

Tie dye awesomeness

Looks like fun, doesn't it?  Participants always tell me they had fun, and heaven knows I have a blast!  Every workshop is unique and a little bit different from the last one.  The next one might be a whole LOT different!

We will be taking the dyeing to the Dill next time!  The Charleston Museum has a beautiful spot out on James Island and when we haul out the dye vats again, it will be to go to the Dill Sanctuary.  You can see some fun pics from the recent Charleston Museum Oyster Roast here.

Registration will open soon, check back on the Classes page for more information as it becomes available.