Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Quilts, quilts and more (knitted) quilts

My knitted flying geese quilt. Come learn how Oct 20 at the Charleston Museum!

I love quilts.  I always have.  I love old quilts on the bed in the spare room, made by your great-grandmother and her sister and used by all the members of your family at one time or another. Quilting connects the generations in a special way.

I have never sewn a quilt, despite the desire to do so and a very talented grandmother and aunt who have quilted for years. At this point, I am content with knitting quilts and excited that this fall I will be teaching quilt-knitting skills at the Charleston Museum.  The workshop will be Saturday, October 20 from 9:30-noon.  The skills you will learn to knit a flying geese quilt can be applied to other types of knitted quilts and even just other types of knitting. As in sewing, knitting a quilt is a commitment, both of time and materials.  You can come learn the techniques to use later or come ready to cast on for your quilted masterpiece.  Either way, it's going to be fun!

In addition to my Knitted Flying Geese Quilt Workshop, The Charleston Museum is also offering other quilt related events, including:

   Curator-Led tour of the Geometric Quilts Exhibit
   Beginner Quilting Workshops (one on Wednesdays, one on Saturdays)
   Gullah Rag Quilting Workshop

Make room in your calendar to take advantage of the quilting opportunities this fall. You just might craft an heirloom that will connect your generation to the ones to come.