Friday, April 25, 2014

Part 2 of my talk with LYDIA Yarn owner and founder, Angela Cline.

Yesterday I posted the first part of an interview with Angela Cline, the founder and owner of LYDIA Yarn, the exciting new hand-dyed yarn company that is creating quite a stir in the knitting community around here.  I asked Angela about her motivations and what's ahead for her company.

Grandma's Couch
KnitOasis: Where do you get your inspiration for the colors you make?
AC: My inspiration comes from my surroundings, as well as from my friends and family.  When I was dyeing the Limeade yarn, I knew I wanted a bright green because I have friends who like greens and I looked out my window and the grass was such a bright green in my yard, I just worked to make that shade of green.  I see color in people, in their personalities, and that inspires my color choices as well.  Because my friends and family have been so supportive of me, my dedication to them will lead me to make certain shades of purple, for example, for the ones who love purples.

KnitOasis: What are YOUR favorite things to knit?
AC: Hats, socks, and now sweaters.

KnitOasis: What are your own favorite types of yarn?
AC:  My personal favorite is worsted weight or larger yarn. I love the look of projects made from smaller yarns, but my fingers seem to work best with size 8 needles or larger. I am currently working on a sweater using DK weight yarn dyed with indigo on Size 5 needles and it is taking much longer than I am used to, but it is looking so good. My favorite type of yarn is Alpaca. I love the feel, look and warmth of alpaca yarn. The only problem is the use of alpaca in South Carolina sometimes is not very efficient because it is so warm. Alpaca also sheds a lot which I have found can be limited by mixing it with another fiber. LYDIA has a yarn in stock now that takes one ply of Alpaca and 1 ply of Merino twisted together, it looks so great and has this wonderful heathered look to it that comes from the natural color of the Alpaca fibers.

Mint: 2 ply yarn – 1 ply Alpaca, 1 ply Merino: Fingering Weight

KnitOasis: What can yarn buyers expect in the future from LYDIA?
AC: There are some exciting events in the works now. LYDIA will soon be offering kits with yarns and patterns unique to the LYDIA brand offered together. These kits are a wonderful thing to buy as a crafter because you have a whole project, including materials, right there in your hands. I know I like the kits as a consumer because I can really imagine what the finished project will look like. You can also look forward to more unique yarns being offered such as; mink, yak, camel and organic merinos.

Angela and I, out getting inspiration for yarn and knitwear.

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