Friday, January 17, 2014

Some days are different. PS: Take your knitting

Today I will have a different day. My normal routine will be replaced by packing and travel, excitement and nerves. Today we travel to another city, in another state, because tomorrow, my SuperCraftyDancerGirl will be auditioning for a ballet summer intensive.  Don't worry, as always, I will pack my knitting first!

Most of my readers know my daughter, since she has been with me on my knitting (and dyeing!) journey from the beginning. It was, in fact, her request to learn to knit that started it all, 9 years ago.  (One of the reasons I love knitters is that those of you who have met her at various classes, workshops and knitting groups always ask about her in those occasions when she's not with me at a knitting/fiber event. You guys are so sweet!)

Ready for her first recital: Age 6
When we both learned to knit, she caught on more quickly, remembered things better and knit way past anything I could even imagine.  For her, it was no trouble at all to knit a cardigan sweater for her American Girl doll--no pattern, she just figured it out.  It took me years to get to the level that she started out on. In her crafting (knitting, sewing, embroidery, card making, jewelry making, etc) she has excelled both in ability and enjoyment.

Tomorrow, though, she will set aside her knitting needles for a bit to do something that perhaps she loves most--ballet.  This won't be unusual for her: she dances 5 days a week, 3-4 hours at a time during the school year. She has even auditioned before, with plans to audition twice more in the next few weeks.  The difference? This is another BIG step on her journey toward her goal of becoming a professional dancer.  With this step she also moves closer to her life as an adult. Soon (so soon) she will be on her own, a step that I knew was coming when she asserted her first toddler act of independence at age 3.  While part of me would love for her to be always available for a design consultation, a knitting opinion, or even to help out with house work, I know she has to move on.  As a parent, we spend 18 years of our child's life, pouring our heart and soul, energy and money, into this project, this little person. We work so hard to work ourselves out of a job!

At this stage in her life, I have trouble putting into words just how proud I am of my daughter.  Before the audition, before the summer intensive, before even the acceptance into a ballet Company, she has made her dad and I very proud with her hard work, her dedication, her sense of humor, her kindness and her love. She's a good kid (her brother is, too).

In the studio for auditions photo shoot: last month

So when you see me in the coming months and wonder why my knitting shadow isn't around, please know that she is working hard on her dream--she's probably at rehearsal, ballet class, or even away taking dance instruction for long hours for those 5 weeks this summer.** And if I look a little sad, I might be missing her, so, be a pal, would ya? Chocolate helps.

**If you are interested in helping her achieve her dream, she is working to raise the money she needs for the program this summer and is actively looking for generous people to help sponsor this part of her ballet journey.  Every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated!

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