Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Simple Knitting Tips: Know Your Chart

Simple Knitting Tips: Know Your Chart

Lately I've been working on charting some new designs.  I could just write them out "k2, p2, k5, p2...." and I probably will, but some designs are just so much easier to knit using a chart rather than written directions.  Some new (and not so new) knitters shy away from charts as being too complicated and hard to follow.  I understand, I really do.  What makes it even more of a challenge is that not all chart symbols are universal.  Sometimes " I " means knit and sometimes " . "  means knit.  What?? Confusion! Chaos!! Rioting in the streets!!!

Naturally, I have an easy way to stop the madness:


I have a folder of bookmarks on my browser where I keep bookmarks to sites with lists of different types of knitting symbols.  If the chart I am using doesn't make sense, then one of these knitting sites is bound to help.  

The ABC's


Vogue Knitting

Craft Yarn Council


Granted, most patterns you work with should have a key to the symbols used in their chart.  If you get stuck, or if you're just learning the fine art of chart reading, a little help can go a long way.   Also, don't be afraid to try a pattern just because it has a chart.  Just take it one stitch at a time, use your resources, ask for help and go as slow as you need to.  Oh, and one more thing....don't forget to have fun!

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